Overall Mission of the Church

Leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Teams

Our goal is to enlist everyone so as to have our entire church family functioning at our highest level. Please read this summary of our ministries/ministry teams so you can be well informed. Please be in prayer as to which area God is calling you to serve in.

Benevolence Ministry Team

Team Leaders: Jenny Quinn and Jami Spaur
This team is here to meet people’s basic needs. Through cards and words of encouragement, we will tell people we are thinking of them and lifting them up in prayer. By giving food during critical times, we will show people we care and want to make an investment in their lives.

• Food Pantry
• Holiday food baskets
• Encouragement
• Funeral Dinners

Building & Grounds Ministry Team

Team Leader: Brent Bower and John Fauke
This team sets up the physical structure of our church. By taking care of our current resources, inside and out, and by improving them as necessary, this team helps the church with aesthetics and functionality.

• Caring for the church building
• Caring for the church grounds
• Work days

Christian Education Ministry Team

Team Leader: Willie Harrell
This team strives to help people of all ages delve deeper into the Word, supplementing their learning in a peer setting. By studying the Word together, we will grow in knowledge and be better equipped to be His disciples.

• Children (Birth to 4th grade)
• Youth (5th to 12th grade)
• Adult (College-Age and Up)

Church Operations Ministry Team

Team Leader: Darrell Huegen
This team assists with the financial aspects of the church. By balancing organization and mathematics with faith and understanding our church will pursue financial health.

• Annual church budget
• Administrative, Office and Ministerial Expenses

Evangelism & MIssions Ministry Team

Team Leaders: Scott and Angie Ballah
This team understands how important it is for the church to make Jesus’ name known in our community. The Great Commission is a calling for each of us, but this team helps with specific strategies in accomplishing that command as a church.

• Local Missions
• Global Missions
• Project Clinton County

First Impressions Ministry Team

Team Leaders: Mike and Jessica Hilmes
This team knows the importance of first impressions. This team goes above and beyond to reach the needs of all who attend on Sunday mornings, and they reflect God’s love in this way.

• Handing out bulletins
• Greeting church goers
• Holding the doors open
• First Sunday of the month breakfast

Worship & Fellowship Ministry Team

Team Leaders: Neil Schaffer and Leo Ohms
This team seeks to glorify God as a faith community in everything we do. People are the heart of ministry, and disciples are made through personal relationships. This team focuses on strengthening those relationships with each other and with God.

• Music
• Family Ministry
• All-church dinners
• Communion
• Kitchen